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Spring 2017 Vol. 67 No. 3
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Seth Pennington
design    Cover
Holly Farrell
"Life Jacket," oil on masonite, 2017.
Doug Ramspeck
Winter Trance    5
Martha Silano
I have to deepen my know    6
David Ebenbach
Holding Feathers    8
The Flower    9
G.C. Waldrep
chronicle (ii)    10
On the Conferences of John Cassian    11
Denise Bergman
he opened the window's slit and climbed in    12
Detonate    13
Camoufleur    15
Xandria Phillips
from Black Eyewitness Directory    16
Amanda Bales
Brisance/Advice for Beheading a Chicken    20
David Salner
A Shift of Sand and Steel    21
Lauren Camp
Father to Narrow then Stranger    25
I Pull Into the Walgreens Parking Lot    27
Michael Bazzett
The Men Who Disappear    29
The Monster    32
Michael Brown, Jr.
Freedom    34
Sharon Dolin
A Good Dream Should Be Kept in Mind    35
Claire Schwartz
Geula Amir speaks    36
Kathleen Heil
The Denby Sonnets    37
Maceo J. Whitaker
Skunky Bunker    42
Colette Inez
How We Got Here    43
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