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Winter 2012-2013 Vol. 63 No. 2
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David Mondedeu
"Stella in Guimarães," photograph,2008    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Twentieth Annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize    5
Brian Sneeden
The Road    6
Jennifer Boyden
The Person with the Loupe    7
Philip Brooks
Lighthouse    8
John A. Nieves
Labwork    9
Monika Zobel
The Forest Gives You a Necklace of Hands    10
Body Down    11
Melissa Barrett
Glimpsing Wrangel from the Pack    12
The Sears, 1973    13
Roy Scranton
If I Could Move My Hands    15
Patrick Whitfill
For Plainview, TX: A Double Take    16
Song for the Rodeo    17
Curry    19
D. Gilson
For the Woman I Didn't Marry, on the Day of Her Wedding    20
Sewing Lesson    21
Jesse Ferguson
Whose Song Preceded Silence    22
Nayelly Barrios
Recurring Dream as Tire    24
Chana Bloch
Aperture    26
Leanna Petronella
One Year Later    28
Simon Perchik
[Windswept, this radio]    29
Mark Wagenaar
Riddle    30
G. C. Waldrep
The Wilder Shores of Love    31
Andrew Grace
[How to give yourself an exorcism], from Pin It on a Drifter    32
[No, I didn't touch them. Need], from Pin It on a Drifter    33
Jeff P. Jones
These Buildings    34
Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Bethany Man    36
Eamon Grennan
At the End (31/12/07)    37
Steve Wilson
Coumeenole Beach / Cancer Journal 6    38
Sarah Browning
Langston Hughes Joins the Merchant Marine, 1923    39
Ted Jean
Byrd    40

John Rosenwald, reviewer
A Whirling Outside My Window    41
Mark Doty and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry 2012    41
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