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Winter 1993-1994 Vol. 44 No. 2
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Wendy Waite
Sounding    5
Peter Goldsworthy
A Statistician to His Love    6
Suicide on Christmas Eve    7
John Millstone
The Education of Hawa    8-9
The Turtle    10
Susan Linehan
Waiting for the Archduke    11
Peter E. Murphy
The Formality    12-13
Tina Kelley
Clytie's Rattling on Again    14-15
Silence Deep as the Bone at the Bottom of the Skull    15
Melody Davis
Homecoming Dinner, Dr. Elizabeth Riefsynder, 1914    16-17
Elizabeth Tibbetts
Institution    18-19
Betsy Sholl
Babysitting to Thelonious Monk    20-21
Different Porches    22-23
A. E. Stallings
The Wife of the Man of Many Wiles    24
Linda Allardt
Stuck    25
Hillel Schwartz
Ground Zero    26-27
Hannah Stein
The Road to Giverny    28-29
Jane Moreland
Into the Night    30
Lynne Knight
Boundless Kingdom    31
Kate Chadbourne
Cables    32-33
John Rosenwald
In Memoriam for Gu Cheng and Xie Ye    34-36

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
A. R. Ammons, Garbage    37-45
Margaret Gibson, The Vigil: A Poem in Four Voices    45-47
Lola Haskins, Hunger    47-48
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