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Fall 1993 Vol. 44 No. 1
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Linda-Ruth Berger
The Upstaging of a Coastal Sunset    5
Dan Clark
Creating Multitudes, Repeating    6-7
Jonathan Daunt
The School    8-12
Mark Asher
Class Exercise    13-16
Jim Kacian
A Sonnet for Philip Glass    17
Diptera    18-19
Kate Barnes
Elizabeth and Sally    20-21
Jane Mead
Problem Performed by Shadows    22-23
In the Parklng Lot at the Junior College on the Eve of a Presidential Election    24-26
Tom Smith
Cycling Out, from Jack's Beans: A Five-Year Diary    27-28
Promenade, from Jack's Beans: A Five-Year Diary    29
Bugging, from Jack's Beans: A Five-Year Diary    30-31
Signs of Life, from Jack's Beans: A Five-Year Diary    32-33
Gregory Djanikian
The Persistence of Zachary    34-35
Margaret Aho
On the Blue Wire    36
When Did the Dream Scrotum Darken    37
Two Burns    38-40
Ruth Anderson Barnett
Class Reunion    41

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Ray Gonzáles, After Aztlan: Latino Poets of the Nineties    42
Kent Johnson and Craig Paulenich, Beneath a Single Moon: Buddhism in Contemporary American Poetry    42
Marilyn Chin and David Wong Louis, ed., Dissident Song: a Contemporary Asian American Anthology (Quarry West)    42
Andrea Lerner, ed., Dancing on the Rim of the World: an Anthology of Contemporary Northwest Native American Writing    42-43
Robert Pack and Jay Parini, ed., Poems for a Small Planet: Contemporary American Nature Poetry    43-45
David Lehman and Louise Gluck, ed., The Best American Poetry of 1993    45-46
Carolyn Forché, ed., Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness    46-48
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