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Summer 1979 Vol. 29 No. 4
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Frederick Lowe
When You Were Young    1
Almitra David
Unburying Mother    2-5
Frank Graziano
The Cell    6-12
Pattiann Rogers
How to Stay Safe in the City    13-14
David Shevin
The Call    14-15
William Carpenter
The Yacht: A Meditation on Form    16-19
Terese Svoboda
Asleep at the Center of a Continent    20-21
Karen Snow
Two Sons    22-29
Michael F. Lauchlan
Coquinas    29
Brian Swann
Father F. Flanchet S.J. to the Rev. Father Provincial F.J.N. in St. Louis    30
Stag    31
Potlatch    31-32
Alice Worsley
Eddic Lament    33-34
Recurring Dream    34-35
Sandra Schor
Small Consolation    35-37

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Gary Snyder, Myths and Texts    37
Gary Snyder, The Old Ways    37
Jerome Rothenberg, A Seneca Journal    38
Ann Stanford, ed., Women Poets of the West: An Anthology 1850-1950    38
Jarold Ramsey, Love in an Earthquake    38
David Yeadon, When the Earth Was Young: Songs of the American Indian    38-39
Barney Bush, My Horse and a Jukebox    39
Ivaloo Volborth, Thunder-Root    39
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