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Summer 1967 Vol. 17 No. 4
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Richard Swanson
Morning: The Sun Nudging You into a Yawn...    1
David Curry
Wind, Birds, People    2-4
It Is True...    4-5
P. Carlson Lauber
A Wish    6
A Different Body    7
Michael Cummins
To an Ancient Philosopher of China    8
Virginia Saunders
The Milk House Study    9-11
Daniel Ort
Every Street Has an Alias a Mile Long    12-14
John L'Heureux
An Affair of State    14
Ron Schreiber
Spring    15
John Wheatcroft
Gulls    16-17
Joy Marcus
A Hungry Vision of Madness    17
James Cole
Grandfather's Print Shop    18
Shampoo    19
Kenneth L. Anderson
The Prophecy    20-23
Philip Dacey
After a Fifteenth Century Miniature Showing King Mark Stabbing Tristan in the Presence of Ysolt    24
Barbara L. Greenberg
Hallucinogens and Genders    25
Ron Miles
It    26-27
Sister Marian Frances Brand, SNJM.
Watts, International    27
Susan Schell Lindell
Danang    28-29
Charles Edward Eaton
The Mill    29
Brian Swann
A Clod in a Sown Field    30
Old Trousers    30-31
Ed Leimbacher
Trail #4, Kalaloch, Washington    32-33

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Anne Sexton, Live or Die    34
Charles Olson, Selected Writing    34
Marianne Moore, Tell Me, Tell Me    34
John Berryman, Berryman's Sonnets    34-35
Ronald Johnson, The Book of the Green Man    35
Leonard Doob, ed., Ants Will Not Eat Your Fingers    35
Keith Douglas, Collected Poems    35
Rafael Alberti, Selected Poems    35
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