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Spring 1967 Vol. 17 No. 3
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Peter Wild
Batalla    1
R. L. Hughes
In Memoriam: P. F. H.: 1901-1965    2-3
Old Woman Dying    3-4
Gil Orlovitz
Art of the Sonnet: 263    4
Robert S. Hahn
On Skiathos    5-7
D. M. Pettinella, translator
Epilogo (Epilogue), by Jorge Carrera Andrade    8-9
Mujeres Escapades de los Cuadros (Women Breaking from Pictures), by Jorge Carrera Andrade    10-12
Alex Silberman
Father    13-14
Karen Swenson
Pa-Phooey    14
William Whitman
The Dancing Galactic Bear    15-26
Marvin Albert
The Unsolved Murder of Mrs. Glarp from Reek Rue Has a Light Shed on It by a Scrap Found on the Corpse    27-28
Virginia Young
Woodwinds    28-29
Margaret Albanese
The Risk    30-31
At Duxbury    31-32
Ruth Van Horn Zuckerman
Frost Boil    32
John Park
Ecumenical Sonnet    33
Jon Anderson
At Cold Pond    34-38
Eve Adamson
Death of the Inspired Man    39
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