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Fall 1965 Vol. 16 No. 1
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Carroll Arnett
The Wake    1
R. G. Vliet
And Now She Moves in the Majesty of Her Claims    2
Three Small Songs    2-3
Gil Orlovitz
Art of the Sonnet: 220    4
Art of the Sonnet: 221    4-5
Barbara Hamlin
Conversation Class in a Latin Country    5
S. Dorman
The Elm Splits    6
Parts    7
Lou B. (Bink) Noll
An Explication and a Poem (prose)    8-10
The Feast    10-14
Herbert Scott
The Viewer    15-16
The Children's Room    16-17
For a Nun Dead in Africa    17-18
The School Children    19
Robert H. Glauber
Introduction: Nine Poems by Jibanananda Das    20
Mary M. Lago and Tarun Gupta, translator
The Birds, by Jibanananda Das    20-22
If I Were a Wild Swan, by Jibanananda Das    22-23
Grass, by Jibanananda Das    23
She, by Jibanananda Das    23-24
The Sounds of a Dream, by Jibanananda Das    24
O Kite!, by Jibanananda Das    25
Twenty Years Later, by Jibanananda Das    25-26
You Once Showed Me, by Jibanananda Das    26-27
The Story of the Field, by Jibanananda Das    27-31
James Spencer
Our Lord in Heaven    32
An Artifice or Two    33
David Tipton
A Jehovah's Witness in Lima    34-35
Van Lesley
After You, Tu Fu    35
William Pitt Root
Holocaust    36
Instructions Concerning the Painting of an Orchid    36-37
Triangle    37-38
Charles Wyatt
Wakening    39
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