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Fall 1961 Vol. 12 No. 1
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W. R. Moses
On the Difficulty of Map-Reading    1
Tim Reynolds
The First Sorrow of Joseph    2
Carmel Beach: little sestina    2-3
Anne Bradley
Eve    3
John Moffitt
Staying Just There    4
David Shapiro
The Welcoming    5
Lament    5-6
All the Ferocious Green    6
Cornelia Veenendaal
Of the Golden Bough    6-7
La Mode, Disait Mon Cousin    7-8
Marcus Smith
Le Ghetto Varsovien    8-9
Mildred Cousens
Eclipse    10
Samuel L. Albert
Of the Running by of Girls    11
Taner Baybars
Summer Incident    12-13
Burning a Cradle    13-14
Twenty-Third Summer    14-15
R. E. Sebenthall
Consummation    16
Nils T. Peterson
Poem for My Father's Birthday    17
Valdemar Olaguer
The Boy Who Wanted to Become Bunny Berigan    18-19
Sam Bradley
The Last of the Lady Be Good    20-24
Samuel J. Hazo
Midnight Pipe    24
Ruth Finer Mintz
Death of a Neighbor    25
Betty Miller Davis
Street Scene    26-27
Virginia Brady Young
The Cranberry Bell    27-31
Robley Conant Wilson
Homage to E. E. Cummings    32
Richard Curry Esler
The Motel    33
William I. Elliott
Free Floating Aggression    34
Doers of the Word    34-35
On the Road    35-36
Gladys La Flamme
Amnesia in Black and White    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Robert Graves, Collected Poems    38
Lewis Gannett, ed., The Family Book of Verse    38
Harold Stewart, translator, A Net of Fireflies    38
Kenneth Yasuda, translator, Land of the Reed Plains    38
Allen Ginsberg, Kaddish    39
Jorge Guillén, Language and Poetry    39
Vassar Miller, Wage War on Silence    39
Robert Lowell, translator, Phaedra    39
Jacques Barzun, translator, Figaro    39
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