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Fall 1959 Vol. 10 No. 1
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Ruth Reimer Duke
The Return    1-2
James Hiner
If Delight Be Severed    3-4
Sam Bradley
Elias Hicks is a Heretic    5
E. P. Bollier
Verses for My Wife    6-8
Hayden Carruth
Plato, Esq.    8-10
John Nist
Introduction: Three Brazilian Poets    11-12
John Nist, translator
Pneumothorax, by Manuel Bandeira    12
Absolute Death, by Manuel Bandeira    13
Apple, by Manuel Bandeira    13-14
Roundel of the Little Horses, by Manuel Bandeira    14
Poetica, by Manuel Bandeira    15-16
I am Going Away to Pasargada, by Manuel Bandeira    16-17
Last Song of the Dead End, by Manuel Bandeira    17-18
Introduction, by Cecilia Meireles    19
Portrait, by Cecilia Meireles    19-20
Motive, by Cecilia Meireles    20
Guitar, by Cecilia Meireles    21
The Roosters Will Crow, by Cecilia Meireles    21-22
Pastoral, by Cecilia Meireles    22-23
Museum, by Cecilia Meireles    23
The Archangel, by Cecilia Meireles    23-24
The Gates of Midnight, by Cecilia Meireles    24-25
Pathetic Poem, by Carlos Drummond    25-26
Secret, by Carlos Drummond    26
Sadness in Heaven, by Carlos Drummond    27
The Ox, by Carlos Drummond    27-28
The Dirty Hand, by Carlos Drummond    28-30
Search for Poetry, by Carlos Drummond    30-32
Dawn, by Carlos Drummond    32-33
Aspiration, by Carlos Drummond    33
James C. Waugh
Abel    34-40
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